Are you interested in exploring possible fields of study?

Metropolitan Community College's exploratory pathway provides a solid foundation for a variety of careers. You can tailor your coursework to your evolving interests. On this pathway you'll be encouraged to investigate and explore areas of creative, intellectual, and professional interest and to work closely with your academic advisor to successfully complete the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree.

十大赌博正规老平台's associate of arts degree provides a well-rounded educational foundation that prepares students to select majors/career paths and transfer to a four-year college or university. Core curriculum courses taken at 十大赌博正规老平台 are transferable to any public college or university in the state of Missouri. We've also secured specific transfer agreements with colleges and universities across the country.

十大赌博正规老平台 provides students with the diverse skill set many employers in industry, business, non-profit, social services and government are looking for in potential employees. They recognize the importance of the "employability skills" the liberal arts provides skills such as effective communication, speaking effectively, critical thinking, problem solving, information literacy and the value of a well-rounded education.

Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.)

Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.) is 十大赌博正规老平台's largest transfer degree, designed for student intending to transfer to a bachelor's degree program. Certificates in this area include: